It start’s long before you hit the starter switch. Where am I off to, what do I need to get done? Meet with friends? Quick run to the shops? Pick someone up?

Then the motorcycle helmet. Do I want the pretty one, the ugly one or the easy one. Once that’s done, then the other accessories that go with or without. If the helmet has the built in sun visor, then no sunglasses.

If it doesn’t then sunglasses (thankfully I only have a throwaway and can’t yet afford an assortment of shades). Do I need a spare helmet, do I need to give someone a ride? Laptop? Ok, which bag will accomodate the pillion rider.

This may sound complex, but it forces focus.

Down to the bike. Get the bag on, depending on the helmet, either gloves first or the helmet first (some motorcycle helmets have the double D rings – good luck trying to get that on with gloves).

Then the mount, and the best part. The starter switch. The starter switch ironically is the off switch for the concious mind. At that point you’re a guidance system with a single mission get to destination. I now know what a Tesla autopilot must feel like, if it could feel.

Quick check of the lanes, and ANOTHER check for non vehicular hazards, and you pull onto the road.

I am now one with the machine. Let the meditation begin.